Egils Wands

About me and my wands

Handcrafted wand:

A perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan or other person interested in mystic and magical items. The wand is around 30cm long and is painted in several layers of paint to get a genuine wood look. The wand itself is made of wood and plastic materials. Each wand is totally unique, so don't beg me to make an identical wand.  I have sold and given this kinds of wands out to friends and their friends for a wile now and the result is the same everytime! Everybody seems to have missed out on having their own wand in their life

The making: 

I have painted figurines and made dioramas for many years now, and I just found out that I had another talent!

The wands I make are about 20-30 cm long and made with wooden core.I use a plastic compound to make the rough form of the wand before its time to do the real work. On top of the plastic compound I apply a layer of a thinner plastic over the howl wand to get a Rougher surface and get the shape I want. When the core is dried its ready for the paintjob. The wand is painted in a base paint in a wood color,  after that I use a thin paint to make the darker parts (that paint is called a wash). After that I apply a lighter color to make the details stand out even more. The technique used for the last layer is called "dry brush". Some wands have several layers of wash and highlight colour. And some even have several base colors.

All in all a wand takes 3-5 days in making as the paint has to dry and so on, but the results are awesome if you ask me! 

How to order:
If you want to buy a wand, you can email me at, tell me the number of the specific wand(s) you want and I will get back to you when I have checked that the wand is still not sold.
The price for one wand is 150sek(Around 20 USD), the shipping inside sweden is 50sek. 

Usage/Disclaimer - Please read and tell the one who gets the wand!
The wands are made to be toys for older children and displays for Adults who know that a wand is something everyone needs.
As they are handcrafted they are FRAGILE!
*Dont leave them out in the sun, they might be utterly destroyed by heat.
*Try to avoid scratching and rubbing them against other things, its easy to destroy the delicate paintjob.
*Do NOT eat/gnaw/chew on them. These wands are not ment as food and they will be destroyed if a child(or adult) puts their teath into it. Its probably not that toxic but I would NOT recomend putting it into your mouth.

If it realy held magic powers, how would you care for it then?